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General Information

Roebuck, a Delta Family Farm

56321 County Road 555, Sidon, MS

Fields open: Sunrise


Signs are posted from Hwy 49E, at the Double Quick, to help in your getting to the blueberry fields.


Times are sunrise to sunset. Please, please drive slowly on Roebuck for the safety of all. 10mph is best, especially once you turn on the field road, off the gravel road.


2024 cost is $4.00 per pound, $20.00 per bucket. Exact change, checks written to Roebuck Plantation, or by using the displayed app. Tips left are greatly appreciated!


**Watch the weather, we close the turn road after a heavy rain. You are welcome to park at the beginning of the road by the outbuildings and enjoy the walk down. Bringing your backpack a/o wagon surely helps you carry your fresh-picked treasures back to your vehicle.**


Buckets are available for loan while you pick. Please drop them back off when finished so we can prep them for the next folks. Plastic bags are available for you to keep.


Limited hand-picking orders: If you know or have someone that cannot come and pick their own berries, but would really like to enjoy Roebuck Blues, we do limited hand-picking for them. The cost is $30.00 for a 5-pound gallon size fresh frozen order. We hand-pick and hand-sort the berries before immediately freezing them. 

Call in orders ASAP to 601-209-2623. Limited quantity.


There is plenty of room for your whole group with 11 acres from which to roam!


The hand wash station has soap for your convenience and the rinse water contains a small amount of Clorox for better sanitizing.


Maintained Port-a-let available.

Dress for being in a MS delta field. Pest repellent and hat of choice are recommended. Bring your water!


Please, no pets. We too are animal lovers. This is agriculture so no pets in the fields. And remember, some furbabies relish fresh blueberries so will gladly share your berries when you get home.(Do your own research for their safety)


If traveling any distance, best to bring a pre-chilled cooler with ice for storing as y'all pick and for transporting your delicious pickings.


We love and thank GOD and you!

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